Artist Trần Hà  was born and grew up in a rural region of Hà Tĩnh in Mid Việt Nam. He studied Arts in Hà Nội and then moved to Nha Trang to live and work. Now his studio is in the center of Nha Trang.

After 22 years working in art Artist Trần Hà drew hundreds of paintings and participated in many art exhibitions in ViệtNamas well as in foreign countries and he won many fine art prizes in these exhibitions.

His paintings carry lots of ViệtNam national characters but they are shown by modern style creating particular creative personality.

The paintings of Artist Trần Hà are appreciated  and selected by many viewers in the world now.



( of the artist )

Artist full name : TRAN HA

Place of birth : Ha Tinh – Viet Nam

Graduated from :

+Central Music & Art school

+Economy University in Da Nang

-Member in  Viet Nam Art Association .

-Member in Khanh hoa Art literature Association .

House address : 4d An duong Vuong – Phuoc Tan – Nha Trang city

Phone number : 0913 431 309  email :


ACTIVITIES ( in brief)

-2005 ,2010 ,2015 joined  the National  Art exhibition in Ha Noi

-consistently joined all the Art exhibitions in the zone opened by Viet nam Art Association from 2001 .

– consistently joined all Art exhibitions opened in Khanh Hoa province from 1999

– joined all Art exhibitions opened by the team   both in Khanh Hoa and  other provinces .

-joined 6 Art exhibitions of international exchanges in Viet Nam, France , Russia , Korea .

-2008: individual exhibition in Berlin – Germany

-2010: individual exhibition for 1000 years of THANG LONG in Ha Noi

-2001: individual exhibition in Nha Trang city .



2005 Prize offered by  National  United  Art Literature  Association


4  Prizes in the zone  offered by Viet Nam Art Association
2006,2009 Prize C  for the  exellent  Art  work in Khanh Hoa province
2014 Prize B  for the  exellent  Art  work in Khanh Hoa province
2016 Prize B  for the  exellent  Art  work in Khanh Hoa province
2019 Prize B  for the  exellent  Art  work in Khanh Hoa province
2011 Prize C  for 5 years of Art&Literature  in Khanh Hoa province

(period 2006-2011)

2016 Prize B  for 5 years of Art&Literature  in Khanh Hoa province

(period 2011-2015)

2021 Prize A  for 5 years of Art&Literature  in Khanh Hoa province

(period 2016-2021)


There are many works in Viet Nam Art ‘s collection , Art museum in Da Nang and in the individuals’ collections both in Viet Nam and in abroad : United Kingdom , France , United  States , Russia , Germany , Canada , Belgium , Norway , Holland , Australia , Japan and Singapore



Artist Tran Ha develops folk style combined with modern one without losing the tradition. It is a realistic , stylized way on a flat plan , using lots of hot , conventional hues , having rich color intensity and decoration , contrasting but harmonious. The “hot” and “cold” of Tran Ha can describe the folk Oriental art which is full of infinity and legends.

The sight , the people and the country in his paintings are very charming and lyrical. All are very  quiet but they express the peaceful , strong life of the Vietnamse farmers.

Tran Thuc

Vietnam Art Critic

In his paintings Tran Ha often uses oil paint and mixed materials . He is skillful at the technique using the special beauty of each material. He not only uses the traditionally oriental way ofVietnamto draw but he also adopts the art of oil painting of former Vietnamese artists. This makes his paintings warm with Vietnamese character.

Looking at his paintings , viewers always have good memories of their childhood in a peaceful Vietnam.

Le Quoc Bao

VietnamArt Critic

Looking at Tran Ha ‘s paintings , viewers are very anxious because of the tormenting memories of the strange and familiar country. The conical hats , the banana leaves , the lotus are typical features ofVietnam. They are put into the paintings by the artist , using very modern style. The hues used there are hot but they are softened by the technical lay-out which is very sophisticated and elegant and expressed emotionally by the artist. The paintings of artist Tran Ha have hidden emotional tones and glittering poetry. The emotional waves are strong enough to reduce the nostalgia.

Yen Chi   ( Journalist)

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